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The Cantor Dimension: An Astrophysical Murder M...
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In Rochester, New York, a woman disappears. The memory of her existence is wiped clean from everyone who knew her except for one friend with a crazy aunt. In Utica, Illinois, a young man disappears. Nobody cares except for the one person who doesn´t believe in UFOs. In Memphis, Tennessee, Max disappears after a bank robbery leaving his clueless best friend Brody in charge of hiding his secrets from the police. What do these three disappearances have in common? The Cantor Dimension... Albert Einstein, Edmond Halley, Georg Cantor, and Isaac Newton come together in a series of true accounts which sets the stage for time travel in this astrophysical mystery. Solve the centuries old murder of Edmond Halley, Sr. in a place where the legendary Knights Templar hid their treasures and the Prince of Transylvania lost his head. Discover Charles Dickens´ obsession, Thomas Becket´s curse, bizarre occupations and even more bizarre laws in Kent County, England in the days of yore. Why did the Bats people worship the gods of time? What paradise did Cantor create from n-dimensional space? What was Isaac Newton´s greatest quest? Meteorites, murders, mysteries, and mayhem surround the secrets that unlock the door to another world in The Cantor Dimension. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Al Kessel. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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