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Ufos. Das Handbuch der Phänomene. - Phil Cousineau
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Erscheinungsjahr: 1997

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Inspected by Extraterrestrials: Gray Barker´s E...
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New Saucerian Press proudly presents Inspected by Extraterrestrials: Gray Barker’s Extreme Book of UFO Abduction - one of the last books written by the iconic ufologist, publisher, and best-selling author, Gray Barker, whose writing influenced the plotlines of shows like Star Trek, Futurama, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, The Outer Limits, The Jetsons, Lost in Space, and The Twilight Zone. Shuttling between his Manhattan publishing office and his secluded cabin deep in the hills of his home state of West Virginia, the prolific Barker single-handedly kept public interest focused on UFOs during its leanest years, and introduced many themes still discussed and investigated by today’s paranormal and conspiracy researchers: the Roswell UFO crash, men in black, ancient aliens, Nazi UFOs, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Flatwoods Monster, Mothman, MJ-12, secret underground bases, little green men, and the Maury Island Incident. Inspected by Extraterrestrials and its sister books Flying Saucer Fire and Fury, Serpents of Fire, Saucers of Fear, Saucers of Fire, Bigfoot Shootout, Forget About Flying Saucers, Visitors from the Void, and Time-Traveling Through Swamp Gas were assembled by Barker shortly before his death, using material culled from deteriorating copies of his notoriously speculative newsletters and gossipy syndicated column - for years the most widely read national column on UFOs, Forteana, and ´´weird science.” This updated edition of Inspected by Extraterrestrials features an introduction by Barker and reports from Saucerian field investigators and contributors like David Webb, Dan Edwards, Budd Hopkins, Whitley Strieber, Dr. James Harder, Helmut Lammer, Don Ecker, John Judge, Valiant Thor, Betty Hill, Charles Hickson, and Phil Imbrogno, who - in true newsletter style - shed urgent, much-needed light on riddles such as: alien abduction, missing time, man-made saucers, ´´hybrid” b 1. Language: English. Narrator: Tom Fria. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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