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UFOs Have Landed on Planet Earth: Final Countdo...
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Did man really evolve from apes? We have only dozens of bones to work with, and yet our entire evolutionary theory is based upon them. Is there another answer to the emergence of the amazing species we call man? Are we some kind of strange galactic experiment? Discover that the world is stranger than any X-Files plot! Meet Lloyd Pye and discover the true Origin of our Species. In 1969, mankind finally managed to fulfill a dream when NASA astronauts set foot upon our moon - but do we know what they truly uncovered? In this gripping presentation, we discover a new theory about the true nature of the moon - that it is NOT the barren landscape we have been led to believe, but that others got there first! Are Crop Circles made by Man or Martians? Are they a natural phenomenon or a message from the Divine? Thousands of images prove their existence. Science has attempted but failed to unlock their mystery and yet they still remain a much debated subject. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Lloyd Pye. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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