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UFOs in Wartime als eBook Download von Mack Mal...
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UFOs in Wartime:What They Didn´t Want You To Know Berkley Mack Maloney

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MacArthur and the UFOs, Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 51...
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This author’s uncle was General Douglas MacArthur’s bodyguard. Under orders from Roosevelt to catch UFOs during WWII, Mac created the very first Men in Black to investigate sightings and retrieve crashes! After bombing Tokyo, Doolittle´s Raiders join the recovery team! Experience the Battle of Los Angeles, Jungle Warfare, Atomic Bombs, Blue Beams, UFOs. All voices in this audiobook are the author´s, including impersonations of presidents, generals and celebrities. Author´s vocal work has also won CLIOs, TELLYs, the NY Film Festival and will have two Grammy entries in 2014. This action-packed WWII tale is ´´Patton´´ meets the ´´X-Files´´ with its own online trailer! A battle-promoted hero, the author´s uncle was with General Douglas MacArthur during desperate days, like during the Occupation of Japan - a smashed civilization. Flying saucers were daily headlines and wartime President Roosevelt actually saddled General Douglas MacArthur with solving the growing UFO question - who and what were they? Could we retrieve and back-engineer a crashed alien spacecraft for battle before the enemy could? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jonathan Abel. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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